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New powdery mildew chemistry anticipated for 2018


When new chemistry makes its way from initial discovery, through the research and development (R&D) pipeline and then to the grower, it is indeed exciting. It’s a process that can take more than 10 years!

From a R&D company’s perspective, the new active should be a standout. It’s initially picked up in large screening trials with thousands of other chemical compounds. It’s then tested over many years for its action, activity and safety to the environment. Tens of thousands of potential active ingredients drop away in the process. Once it has overcome those substantial hurdles, the best formulation is then developed to meet the needs of growers. The new product needs to be easily diluted in the spray tank to give a homogenous solution, which gives uniform spray coverage and delivers active to the target. Compatibility with other products and crop safety are also major considerations in formulation choice. Then it comes down to what manufacturing techniques will be employed before the product can be commercially released.

With such large costs and long development timelines, it is small wonder that only a handful of truly unique products are introduced each year across the globe.

As one of the few remaining R&D companies, it’s clear to Syngenta that any new crop protection product needs to have either a clear rotational fit or deliver significant benefits in biological efficacy, or both, over existing products to be worth all that effort.

From Syngenta's R&D pipeline comes the anticipated release of the new fungicide MIRAVIS®, containing the new Adepidyn® technology, and currently under Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) review. MIRAVIS is a powdery mildew specialist providing exceptional control of powdery mildew in grape vines.

Syngenta has run Australian trials over the past few years leading up to the product launch in 2018. Demonstration trials have shown how well MIRAVIS performs under what can only be described as extreme disease conditions.

Syngenta hosted several well attended demonstration days where growers and industry representatives were able to experience the powerful control of Miravis in practice. For more information about the demonstration trials, contact your local agronomist/viticulturist or Syngenta Territory Sales Representative. Trials this season were based in South Australia’s Riverland and Adelaide Hills and in Victoria’s Yarra Valley.