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Early-season powdery mildew control delivers clean harvest

Landmark agronomist Michael Zerk first recommended MIRAVIS in 2019.

Agronomists from Adelaide’s grape regions found that there was noticeably less powdery mildew among those vines treated with MIRAVIS® in vintage 2019.


Where applied before flowering these key advisors noted that MIRAVIS controlled early disease, which reduced powdery incidence in the later growth stages.


Landmark Naracoorte Viticulture Account Manager Michael Zerk said it was important to make recommendations in the knowledge a product does indeed work.


“Having looked at the Lenswood field trial in early 2018, it gave me the confidence to recommend it for vintage 2019,” he said.


Syngenta chose Lenswood for its field trials to showcase what MIRAVIS was capable of.


Without that background disease pressure, Michael said it would have been difficult to fully assess MIRAVIS.


“It’s very important to be able to look at products, here at Lenswood, under high pressure situations compared to other fungicides, so we can have the confidence in it for disease control.


“Since then, our growers have been very happy with MIRAVIS.”


Michael said MIRAVIS had proven to be very compatible, giving growers plenty of flexibility.


“Our growers are primarily mixing it with REVUS® coming into flowering, for downy mildew control,” he said.


“We have also mixed MIRAVIS with copper and it has been fine. In determining what we mix with it just depends on the individual blocks, the disease pressure and the weather at the time.”