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Diligence key to innovation and equally, product longevity

Vine Talk columnist and Syngenta Technical Services Lead Dr Brandy (Belinda) Rawnsley.
Have you heard the latest tips, tricks and industry advice? Vine Talk author, Dr Brandy (Belinda) Rawnsley takes a look at the issues facing grape growers.

From cultural practices such as canopy and water management, to chemical and biological control, a holistic approach to vine management is essential to successfully tackling seasonal challenges.

We need to take each season as it comes, making careful choices about products to use. With the increasing threat of resistance, product selection and application timing are vital to protect the longevity of fungicides and insecticides. This is especially important when it takes 13 years on average to bring a new product to market from the discovery of a new molecule.

Globally we now spend $1.3 billion annually on research and development with an emphasis on meeting changing consumer preferences, while improving the rate of discovery. Our work in viticulture ensures growers gain access to these innovations sooner, delivering value for those who use our products.

The novel fungicide MIRAVIS® is a recent example of us working alongside the industry, to deliver powerful, long lasting control of powdery mildew. The Lenswood demonstration trial in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia provided pivotal efficacy and crop safety data for product development. Crucially, we were also able to introduce MIRAVIS to the industry several years before launch. January saw guests return to Lenswood for a sneak peak at four new fungicides; Two for powdery mildew, one for downy mildew and another for botrytis.

Collaborating with growers and holding demonstration days is a win-win situation. Hosting these trials on commercial properties helps demonstrate how our products work in varying and challenging conditions. This ensures the product has a best fit in a spray program and meets the needs of the industry.

Often, it’s a case of seeing is believing. There’s nothing like being able to compare the performance of new products side-by-side with normal grower practices. This way viticulturalists can have confidence in the efficacy of our products under their conditions. 

If you get a chance to collaborate or visit a trial site, use this to your advantage. It can give you a real commercial edge in adopting improved management strategies. Contact your local Syngenta representative to discover how.