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Activate LOK + FLO for strong downy defence

discolored leaf

With its powerful LOK+FLO™ action, REVUS® Fungicide offers grape growers a rainfast preventative strategy against downy mildew infection that can last up to 21 days.

What makes this product work so well is that REVUS:

  • Bonds quickly and strongly to the waxy layer of the plant and once locked in is extremely rainfast; and
  • The translaminar movement of the active ingredient (mandipropamid) provides effective protection across both leaf surfaces.

Unlike traditional protectant fungicides like mancozeb, copper and metiram, REVUS is completely rainfast. Even under extreme weather conditions you can be reassured with the confidence of long-lasting protection.

Key Timings

Key timings for REVUS are just prior to and during flowering to help protect the crop through this critical growth period. REVUS offers a better option during capfall because unlike the traditional protectant fungicides mentioned previously - where the fungicide protection drops off with the cap, REVUS has translaminar movement to better protect the developing berry. Often this spray period coincides with the ideal timing for TOPAS and a tank mix will combine excellent protection against downy and powdery mildew infection.

REVUS is physically compatible with a wide range of products including THIOVIT JET,
TOPAS 100 EC, SWITCH, PROCLAIM, Kocide Blue Xtra and Oxydul DF.

For more information visit: Revus Product Page