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UNIFORM & VIBRANCE, a solid combo for controlling cereal diseases


Attempting to increase yields through the control of Rhizoctonia in his wheat crop, farmer Neil Kupsch from north of Geraldton, Western Australia, applied UNIFORM® to his fertiliser last season - with great results.

Neil crops lupins, barley, oats and planted 19,000 hectares of wheat during the 2015 season.

Neil was fed up with not reaching the expected yields for his soil type of red river loam country and so consulted his Agronomist, Grant Thompson from Crop Circle Consulting, to see what the issue was and how he could tackle it.

“For our soil type, we should be hitting four to five tonnes per hectare, but poor disease control was letting us down,” Neil said. “We found it especially difficult to get on top of Rhizoctonia.”

Grant was concerned about Neil’s wheat-on-wheat rotation and advised looking for an extra option to control cereal diseases and Rhizoctonia. Grant advised Neil to apply UNIFORM to his fertiliser.

Rhizoctonia causes crop damage by pruning the root system, which results in water and nutrient stress to the plant.

UNIFORM is an in-furrow treatment that provides the only control of Rhizoctonia in Australian wheat and barley crops – a disease of significant economic consequence to growers. It also controls pythium root rot and provides control of Stripe Rust of wheat and supresses yellow spot.

“Before, when we weren’t applying UNIFORM, we found our wheat crop was having difficulty tillering out properly,” Neil said.

“In 2015, we tried rotating with lupins which gave the wheat a healthy start and then for the first time we also applied UNIFORM to the fertiliser. We were amazed at the protection it provided early, as well as the quality of emergence.”

Neil found UNIFORM very good for controlling stripe rust, with a couple of dry spells throughout the season also helping.

“With the yields we are now able to achieve, the return on investment is excellent. We are reaching five tonnes per hectare – which is where we want to be,” Neil said.

“We will be using UNIFORM throughout our whole cropping program this season.”

Trevor Klein, Syngenta’s Solutions Development Lead added “further benefit would be gained by the addition of VIBRANCE® to the program.”

“VIBRANCE provides immediate protection of cereal seedlings to Rhizoctonia, protecting roots until they reach the UNIFORM treated fertiliser.

VIBRANCE also gives control of smuts and bunts, this is particularly important given the widespread development of loose smut in barley in recent years,” Trevor said.