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Flexibility is key to improving Ryegrass control

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Grower, Michael Evans from SA, talks split application using Boxer Gold

Flexibility is the key feature of BOXER GOLD®, as far as South Australian farmer, Michael Evans, is concerned.

Michael owns and runs a 4,000 hectare operation in Cleve, 150 kilometres north of Port Lincoln, South Australia. He mostly grows wheat and barley along with canola, lupins, vetch and oaten hay. 

Over the 20 years Michael has been running the farm, there have been significant Ryegrass problems in a number of his paddocks.  

“It’s been an ongoing issue for us and it’s been tough to get on top of, but introducing BOXER GOLD has made a huge difference,” Michael says. 

“The difference it has made to our operation is more than just killing off the Ryegrass; it is so quick and easy to use that it makes it easier for us to be efficient too.” 

Michael uses a split application to improve Ryegrass control.  

“We do one application before we seed. We then do another spray in the window post-sowing, pre-emergence. 

“Because BOXER GOLD is activated by moisture, doing a second spray just after seeding means that we have the flexibility to work the weather to our advantage. 

“When I’ve worked with other products in the past, there hasn’t been this flexibility to do the split application. If you get your timing around the weather wrong, you've spent your money, used your product and you can’t go back and spray again. 

“You’ve got one crop per season to get it right and the split application of BOXER GOLD gives me a better chance of timing the spray with the rain and getting out in front of the grass,” he says.  

Michael says the flexibility doesn’t end with the split application. He also values the compatibility with other chemicals.  

“I often combine other products with it and I feel we are getting more value out of BOXER GOLD in the control of Ryegrass.”