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What you need to know about Callisto in under a minute | VIDEO


For anyone who hasn't been to a Learning Centre site in 2019 or heard what CALLISTO is, Syngenta Product Lead Garth Wickson sums it up here:


New mode of action pre-emergent herbicide in cereals controlling group B,C,D,F and I resistant weeds. Anticipated in 2020
Combine CALLISTO with BOXER GOLD or other pre-emergent herbicides for one pass broadleaf and grass weed control for maximum yield
Long season residual pre-emergent herbicide removes weed competition, whilst early post-emergent applications are reduced or delayed
Good crop safety in wheat and barley, low use rates and short plant-back provides maximum flexibility
Improves spray logistics by taking the pressure off post–em broadleaf herbicide programs
Novel, broad spectrum and widely adaptable herbicide to manage hard to control broadleaf weeds in cereals like radish, sowthistle and double gee

CALLISTO Download | Western focus tech note

CALLISTO Download | Eastern focus tech note

Note: An application for the registration of CALLISTO is under evaluation by the APVMA.