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Uniform crops, every time.

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Uniform® Fungicide presents a breakthrough in the control of seedling and foliar diseases by providing the only control available for Rhizoctonia and Pythium in Australian wheat and barley crops.

Garth Wickson, Syngenta’s Solutions Development Lead, says “as well as protecting cereal seedlings from Rhizoctonia, Stripe Rust and Yellow Leaf Spot in Wheat, new registrations in barley for Powdery Mildew, Barley Leaf Rust, and Spot Form and Net Form of Net Blotch ensure uniform vigorous crops and ultimately better yields.”

“The most significant soil pathogen, Rhizoctonia, is a key factor in yield loss in Australian soils.”

According to the GRDC losses may be as high as 50% in badly diseased paddocks however losses of 5% to 20% are more common in modern farming systems (Rhizoctonia Fact Sheet March 2012).

“Pythium together with Rhizoctonia attack emerging roots and inhibit the plants ability to forage for nutrients and water,” he added.

Uniform controls both these common soil diseases to ensure a healthy, vigorous seedling.

Additional benefits derived from control of foliar disease in both wheat and barley from emergence ensure the establishment of strong healthy plants through to grain fill.

“The application of Uniform applied in-furrow may also remove the need for primary foliar fungicides depending on the pressure during the season.”

“Uniform can be applied in-furrow as a liquid or as a coated granular fertiliser and at variable rates depending on the machinery set up and the expected disease pressure,” he said.

Major fertilizer suppliers IPL, Impact, CSBP and Summit will be applying Uniform to granular fertiliser in 2017.


UNIFORM crops, every time.

Download the accompanying Tech Note below to find out more on how you can grow uniform crops, every time