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The trick to looking good this season for winter crops

andre parr holding produce

Andrew Parr from Murray Valley Rural Services - Berrigan ran a 40 ha split crop demonstration last season in the local area to test out a new in-furrow fungicide, Uniform® from Syngenta.

“In the local area, we have had issues with Yellow Leaf Spot and Rhizoctonia, especially when we have a wet winter,” said Andrew.

Rhizoctonia causes crop damage by pruning the root system, which results in water and nutrient stress to the plant.

“We can experience a setback in establishment if the soil is too wet and disease isn’t controlled effectively.

Uniform provides the only control of Rhizoctonia in Australian wheat and barley crops. It also controls pythium root rot and in wheat provides control of Stripe Rust and suppresses yellow spot.

Traditionally, local farmers have been applying alternative fungicides to control disease threats, but the results just weren’t there.

Average wheat yields in the area are around the 3 tonnes per hectare mark. With the crop demonstration last year, Andrew was able to achieve 3.5 tonnes to the hectare.

“We’d never seen a wheat-on-wheat paddock do so well before.”

“The amount of extra dry matter was really obvious - there were extra tillers per square metre and the crop was holding on better than usual.

“The crop just looked better all year,” said Andrew.

Andrew said applying Uniform had made a huge difference to traditionally stubborn paddocks, especially those that would generally have had significant water logging with the recent rain.

“I’ve noticed in the Uniform applied crops this season there doesn’t seem to be any water logging.

“The root system of the plants are more advanced and the difference in plant size is really noticeable too – they are 20 per cent bigger than the untreated plants, proving they are better able to utilise the available water.

According to Andrew, the last two seasons have been difficult finishes, but this season is looking good.

“We have fifteen growers in the area with Uniform treated crops this season – already the crops are looking great, so we are excited to see how the crop performs.