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Top tips on getting rid of rodents

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We haven’t encountered a true mouse plague for a number of years, however this year rodent numbers have reached plague proportions – in some areas even earlier in the season than usual.

What is said to be Australia's worst ever mouse plague was in 1993, and it caused an estimated $96 million worth of damage. This year it has been estimated that tens of thousands of dollars of damage has already been suffered in the form of lost crops and property damage. And as well as the economic impacts, rodent plagues have the potential to spread disease and can cause psychological stress for the people living through them.

Mouse populations can escalate rapidly when conditions are favourable. So even if populations in your area are low, it is important to stay vigilant.

As autumn and winter approach, rodents often move into houses, sheds and other premises to escape the cooler conditions. If you’ve heard the telltale scuttling in your roof, consider dealing with your unwanted rodents with a single-feed solution like TALON XT Pro wax blocks.

The key to getting results and saving money with wax blocks, is knowing how to use your product effectively. To help, here are some top tips to keep in mind when using TALON XT Pro to treat rat and mice problems.

Remember that a little goes a long way

Research shows single-feed solutions require far less bait compared to multi-feed solutions on the market.  A lethal dose of TALON’s active ingredient, brodifacoum, is only 0.2g for mice and 1.3g for rats – just 5 per cent of their typical daily feed intake. Although rodents may feed for up to 3 days, the first feed is lethal, with death occurring around 4-7 days after consumption.

Space your baits apart from each other

TALON XT Pro wax blocks don’t need to be set up close together; for maintenance situations, up to 30m apart is enough to be effective. This makes TALON a very economical way to deal with rodents, especially given you get 500 wax blocks per 10kg pail.

The science also backs this up: studies show TALON uses 90 per cent less bait to achieve 60 per cent better efficacy compared to bromadiolone solutions, and 75 per cent less bait than difenacoum to achieve over 25 per cent better efficacy.

Place your wax blocks close to rodent activity

You’ll get the best results with TALON XT pro if you place your baits in places where rat and mouse activity has been noted, such as warm, dark and quiet areas with droppings, gnarl marks, rub marks and urine stains. TALON’s moulded shape with a centre hole can be easily threaded with tie wire and then connected to beams and other objects along paths which mice and rats were known to travel. This is a particularly good option in areas such as animal enclosures, shearing sheds, hay sheds and other rural structures.

And you aren’t limited to indoor areas or good weather either. TALON XT Pro is durable and can be used outdoors as well as indoors, thanks to its uniquely moulded wax formulation. The blocks are also moisture resistant, weather resistant and HACCP certified.

Consider other animals on your property

In areas where there is activity from human, pets or livestock, TALON should be placed in a lockable station which the rodent can access to enter and feed.

Since it takes just one feed for TALON XT Pro to be effective, there is a reduced risk of third party poisoning, with a smaller amount of poison actually being present in the animal carcass and then transferred to a cat or dog that might choose to eat the rodent.

TALON XT Pro contains a human taste deterrent (bittering agent) and in the case of accidental ingestion the antidote vitamin K1 is readily available. There is minimal risk to non-target animals and humans when placed in inaccessible areas.

Keep the baited area clean and store your products correctly

Make sure you leave TALON XT Pro wax blocks in their original container, and store in a cool, well-ventilated area. Storing any unused blocks for prolonged periods in direct sunlight can affect its longevity.

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