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Still the better choice for annual ryegrass control

Syngenta designed BOXER GOLD® for use in drier times

BOXER GOLD® has time and again demonstrated its agronomic edge over trifluralin and triallate, especially in dry times.

“Trial data across key cropping regions of Australia highlights that while trifluralin and trifluralin/triallate tank-mixes can deliver good ryegrass control, their performance can sometimes be variable as their efficacy is impacted more by weather conditions and different soil types,” Syngenta Senior Product Lead Garth Wickson said.

“In side-by-side comparisons the trials have shown that BOXER GOLD delivers a high level of ryegrass control without being prone to the same degree of variability in sub-optimal conditions.

“It’s a more robust solution to the ARG problem that allows growers to achieve consistently better results with less likelihood of seasonally induced failures causing weed numbers to blowout.”

Reliability, consistency and flexibility are all important points for growers to consider when choosing herbicides.

BOXER GOLD offers control of ARG Group D herbicide resistant populations, as well as Silver Grass, Stone Crop (Crassula spp.) Toad Rush and useful suppression of Barley Grass.

A flexible-to-use product, application can be changed to suit seasonal conditions. Registered usage patterns include:

  • Pre-emergent, applied up to seven days prior to mechanical incorporation by the sowing operation (IBS);
  • A split application of 1.75 L/ha pre-plant followed by 750 mL/ha post-plant, and;
  • Post-emergent, one-to-three leaf-stage for ARG (suppression).

To expand the weed spectrum even further, Mr Wickson advised BOXER GOLD can be tank-mixed with trifluralin or Monza®.


BOXER GOLD was developed by Syngenta for tough conditions. For more than a decade it has helped growers control annual ryegrass, including Group D resistant populations, over millions of hectares.

  • A unique propriety formulation of Prosulfocarb and S-metolachlor (J and K herbicide Group’s), BOXER GOLD is an important tool for resistance management.
  • More consistent, robust control of hard to control annual ryegrass in less than ideal moisture planting conditions means BOXER GOLD can deliver better overall value compared with trifluralin and triallate mixes.