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Speed ‘critical’ in winter seedbed preparation


Fallow preparation can make or break winter crop establishment in marginal years.

For this reason, incorporating a Group-G spike with a knockdown like glyphosate has been a popular choice with the increased speed of brown out being the biggest advantage.

While Carfentrazone formulations including Hammer have been a go-to for many, the newly-registered B-POWER® has demonstrated an even faster brown out in trial work.

“In the work that we’ve been involved in, B-POWER certainly had a quicker brown out when compared with Hammer,” IK Caldwell Broadacre Field Services Manager Andrew Bell said.

IK Caldwell Broadacre Field Services Manager Andrew Bell said B-POWER® offered an even faster brown out in the competitive Group-G spike market.

IK Caldwell employs 26 agronomists servicing growers across Southern NSW and Victoria.

Brassicas and marshmallow are but two broadleaf weeds common to farms across the area.

“A good Group G spike can really help conserve soil moisture. It’s particularly important when you have dry seasons, like we’ve been having,” Andrew said.

“Preparing that seedbed in autumn and winter in a timely matter is the key.”

The active ingredient in B-POWER is Butafenacil, the same active ingredient Syngenta brought to market in LOGRAN® B-Power in 2002.

Andrew said he was pleased it was now available as the solo formulation B-POWER.

“When we first saw Butafenacil in the early 2000s, I said to a few people at Syngenta, ‘it would be really good to have as a solo,” Andrew said.

“Our first impressions are that it is performing just like we expected.”

IK Caldwell were involved in a trial at Barooga NSW, in July last year, to assess just how well B-POWER would stack up against other Group-Gs including Hammer.

The trial site included a wide spectrum of weeds including volunteer pulses, volunteer canola and milk thistle, as well as brassicas and marshmallow.

“It was a chance to reacquaint ourselves with Butafenacial. We expected to see a really fast brown out and we could certainly see it performing in less than five days,” Andrew said.

“The tank mix compatibility was also excellent, having used it in several different mixes including with GRAMOXONE®, SPRAY.SEED® and RoundUp Ultra Max.”