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Solo butafenacil formulation lands in time for winter crop preparation

B-POWER is Syngenta's solo-formulation of butafenacil, designed to create a clean seed bed for winter crops.
Trials have shown that a glyphosate and B-POWER mix (left) has a faster brown out than carfentrazone mixes.

Butafenacil is now available in a solo formulation, B-POWER®, ready in time for winter crop preparation.

Registered for use on hard to control weeds such as mallow, wild radish, capeweed and volunteer pulses, B-POWER (100g/L butafenacil) mixes well with knockdown herbicides, GRAMOXONE®, SPRAYSEED® and glyphosate, helping provide a clean seedbed for sowing winter cereals, pulses and canola.

“B-POWER is a highly compatible Group-G spike, which when used with glyphosate, has demonstrated faster brown-out than common glyphosate-carfentrazone mixes,” said Syngenta Technical Services Lead James Considine.

“As one of the most active Group-Gs on the market, growers who use B-POWER will benefit from more complete control of problem broadleaf weeds, helping give crops the best start possible.”

Butafenacil, the active ingredient in B.POWER, was introduced to Australia by Syngenta in the form of LOGRAN® B.BOWER.

James said the long-awaited registration of the solo-formulation, B-POWER, was a win for growers who wanted more choice when it came to knockdown mixes.

Using water rates in the range of 75-150L/ha, along with a quality adjuvant like ADIGOR®, will help achieve good coverage and deliver optimal results.

“Another advantage of B-POWER is its short term residual activity on emerging broad leaf weeds, whilst retaining the flexibility of being able to sow a range of crops within one hour of application, when using a knife point press wheel system,” James said.