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Safety and stewardship on leadership workshop agenda

group of people watching a demonstration
Leadership Workshop Group inspecting the Practical Demonstrations

Syngenta recently hosted a two-day leadership workshop for just under 20 agronomists and rural merchandisers in the Clare Valley, South Australia as part of its ongoing commitment to promote understanding and best practice of using Bipyridyl products, such as GRAMOXONE® 360 PRO and SPRAY.SEED®.

The workshop included essential information for growers and advisors on comprehensive paraquat technical training, safety and stewardship including both theory and practical elements.

GRAMOXONE 360 PRO is an efficient and flexible paraquat product delivering growers more value with every hectare sprayed, and is an example of the continued investment Syngenta is making to bring new solutions to Australian growers.

It has been formulated with an advanced 360 g/L active loading that delivers benefits including up to 30 per cent less product to transport, store and handle.

The workshop was a good chance for up-and-coming agronomists and rural merchandisers to get hands on experience with chemistry that has been used by Australian growers for more than 50 years and plays an increasingly important role in sustainable farming.


Holly Hannaford, a rural merchandiser from Kerin Landmark Rural in Jamestown, South Australia, attended the workshop and was impressed with the knowledge she walked away with.

“I was looking to broaden my knowledge base and improve my confidence in the products that I advise to growers,” Holly said.

The workshop covered a range of topics, including the value Bipyridyls’ brings to growers and the industry, its chemistry and make up, resistance management, along with effective application and how to optimise performance through a practical demonstration.

“I learned the importance of considering a range of factors when spraying Bipyridyls, such as light and humidity. The practical trials really helped to demonstrate just how important these factors are.

“There was a big focus on safety at the workshop, especially on the required PPE, which can often be forgotten on farm. I will definitely be reinforcing the importance of PPE when speaking with my growers,” she said.

“I would definitely advise other agronomists and people in rural merchandising to get along to one of these workshops, as it’s so important to be knowledgeable about the products you are advising, and the safety considerations.”

Syngenta will roll out a number of GRAMOXONE 360 PRO Leadership workshops across the country, over the coming months, which is supported by Syngenta’s extensive online stewardship program, Quest Academy training modules.

Jason Sabeeney, Solutions Development Manager at Syngenta says “the workshop is a great way for Syngenta to educate people on the unique technical attributes as well as the safe and efficient use of Bipyridyl’s such as GRAMOXONE 360 PRO and SPRAY.SEED.”

“It’s easy to assume that everyone understands a 50-year-old product very well. This is certainly not the case.

“A lot has changed over the years with regard to farming systems, tillage, resistance management and spraying practices.

“How GRAMOXONE and SPRAY.SEED were applied and handled 20 years ago are very different to the present.

“The Leadership workshop provides hands-on education tailored to these contemporary farming practices.

In coming months, registration of GRAMOXONE 360 PRO in a new 20 litre container size is anticipated, adding to the existing 100 litre and 1,000 litre containers, which will add to its flexibility and wider adoption.

"These products are essential tools for sustainable Australian farming. Syngenta is committed to ensuring they are used safely and effectively so growers can keep using them for another 50 years to come, and these workshops are fundamental to that objective" Jason said.

For more information about Syngenta’s stewardship program, visit