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Registration open for new and improved AgriClime offer

AgriClime 30% Cash-back

Registration is now open on a new AgriClime offer for 2019, designed to give growers the confidence to invest in a better crop.

Growers who spend $15,000 on two or more participating Syngenta products are eligible for up to 30% cash-back, if the minimum rainfall threshold isn’t met for their nominated paddock. Under the old offer this was capped at 15%.

The chance of receiving a cash-back has also improved. Based on 20 years of rainfall data, the chance of a cash-back is now 1-in-5 years, instead of 1-in-10 years previously.

“We truly believe in AgriClime as a tool to help growers better manage risk and to provide them the confidence to invest in a better crop through the use of our quality products,” Angus Rutherford said.

“We want growers to have a bumper season every season but in case this doesn’t happen we want to share this risk with growers.”

More than $850,000 has been made in cash-back payments to growers since the program was introduced in 2016.

Last year, one-in-four registered growers in NSW and Victoria received a cash-back. In fact, 89 per cent of all AgriClime payments nationally were made to those NSW and Victorian growers, where the drought was at its worst*.

However Angus said he understood there were growers who were disappointed they didn’t receive a cash-back.

“There were two main factors, firstly, the rain that arrived in October in some areas that was sadly too late for the crops but pushed growers over their rainfall threshold,” he said.

“Secondly, the grid cell size for rainfall recording – 25km x25km (125km²) - under the old offer was too big, meaning it was not always reflective of on-farm rainfall.

“We know some growers were unhappy and that’s why we have made key changes to the 2019 program.”

Accordingly, the grid cell size for 2019 has been reduced to 5km x 5km:

At a glance - 2019 changes to AgriClime:

  • The Rainfall Threshold has been changed to be a 1 in 5 year low-rainfall event (previously 1 in 10), based on 20 years of historical data, meaning there is a greater chance of a payout
  • A payout is triggered at an entry point (the Rainfall Threshold) and maxes out at an exit point (the Exit Point) whereby a maximum cash-back of 30% is paid (previously 15%).
  • The payout works on a linear scale, so the less rainfall the more cash-back
  • The Grid Cell size is now 5 X 5km² or 25km² meaning that the Grid Cell is smaller and rainfall data is much more accurate to a farm level.

Syngenta has invested over $1 million in AgriClime on behalf of Australian growers as a risk management tool.

As always, AgriClime is FREE to register, includes 16 products from the Syngenta range and is quick and simple on our new platform.

Growers or their advisors simply need to nominate whether to participate in the August-September 2019 offer OR the September-October 2019 offer.

“We would love to see all growers back for AgriClime in 2019 as we look to give you confidence to invest in a better crop,” Angus said.

AgriClime products:

  • NEW: Inclusion of AXIAL XTRA®, CRUISER OPTI® and ELATUS ACE® ELATUS ACE not registered at time of publication. An application is under evaluation with the APVMA.

Visit for more info.

*No registrations were received from Queensland growers in 2018.