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Reducing your seed treatment downtime


Syngenta’s latest seed treatment registered for aphid control in wheat and barley, CRUISER® 350FS, has now hit the market.

CRUISER 350FS is a seed applied insecticide which improves plant establishment by protecting seedlings from aphid attack and producing vigorous plant stands.

One of the benefits of CRUISER 350FS is its superior application. It has an optimized formulation resulting in less filter blockages and improved treatment process compared to imidacloprid formulations. This ensures growers and Seedgraders spend less down time during seed grading at sowing.

To attest this, Andy Curnow, an independent seed grader, gives us a run down on his experience in putting the new seed treatment through his machine and how it’s helped him to reduce his downtime on the job.


  • Superior seed treatment application qualities
  • Improves plant establishment and seeding survival
  • Gives flexibility of rate on target pests
  • Superior efficacy especially in marginal starts


For more information on CRUISER 350FS download the PDF Technote here: