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Punch above your weight this season



• BOXER GOLD developed for tough Australian conditions providing consistent robust control of Annual ryegrass
• BOXER GOLD is a better product than solo prosulfocarb formulations
• BOXER GOLD is more affordable than Sakura with similar level of control
• BOXER GOLD provides better value than Triallate and Trifluralin mixes
• Supporting BOXER GOLD supports research and development of new technology


BOXER GOLD® was developed by Syngenta specifically for the tough conditions growers face in Australia controlling annual ryegrass. Since its launch in 2008, BOXER GOLD has helped control annual ryegrass including Group D resistant ryegrass over millions of hectares.

The key to BOXER GOLD’s success has always been the unique propriety formulation combination of Prosulfocarb with S-metolachlor (Patent AU 2005315777 B2).



As of January 1st 2018, BOXER GOLD is repositioned to provide even more value to the Australian grower. BOXER GOLD will be repositioned to approximately $28/ha, providing excellent value to wheat growers in low to mid rainfall zones. BOXER GOLD has consistently shown robust control of hard to control annual ryegrass in less than ideal moisture planting conditions.



Over the past 15 years that Syngenta has actively worked on BOXER GOLD, trial results have

consistently shown that BOXER GOLD outperforms solo prosulfocarb in terms of ryegrass control.

Syngenta compared BOXER GOLD and solo prosulfocarb over a range of seasons and environmental conditions in a pre-emergent use pattern and the results highlight the value of the BOXER GOLD formulation. Particularly where seeding conditions are marginal for moisture, the BOXER GOLD formulation is more readily available for ryegrass control than the solo prosulforcarb formulation.

The registered post-emergent use pattern of BOXER GOLD has also been compared by Syngenta to the unregistered use of solo prosuflorcarb at the same timing. Similar to the pre-em use pattern, trial results highlight the benefit of the BOXER GOLD formulation over solo prosulfocarb. BOXER GOLD consistently reduced panicle numbers and, subsequently, viable ryegrass seed returning to the seed bank more than solo prosulforcarb. In addition, when there was limited moisture/rainfall received after application, the gap in performance increased.



Treflan* and more recently Treflan combinations such as Avadex*, have been the mainstay for cost effective ryegrass control in wheat and barley. With the new price point of BOXER GOLD, growers and agronomists now have reason to rethink this positioning.

Syngenta trial data across key cropping regions of Australia highlight that while Treflan and Treflan + Avadex mixtures can deliver good ryegrass control, performance can vary significantly, influenced by environmental conditions and location. When comparing BOXER GOLD in the same situations, BOXER GOLD, on average, delivers a high level of ryegrass control. Additionally, it isn’t prone to the same level of efficacy variation under sub optimal conditions.

With BOXER GOLD now priced in a similar range to Treflan + Avadex, it provides growers with a more effective option at the same cost effective price.



BOXER GOLD was developed exclusively in Australia for Australian growers. Supporting BOXER GOLD supports the development of new technology for Australian growers to tackle herbicide resistance and hard-to-control weeds. Syngenta provides before and after sales supports for all of our brands, if issues arise, Syngenta is there for support.


Download the digital technote below (including trial results):