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Protect your crop from cereal foliar diseases to maximise yields

Stripe Rust on plant

Now is the time when growers decide how to protect their cereal crops from foliar diseases to maximise yields. Stripe Rust is a major financial risk for Australian growers while Net Blotch can also rear its head and both diseases highlight the need for effective fungicides.

Syngenta Solutions Development Manager, Garth Wickson said this need to protect cereal crops from a broad spectrum of foliar diseases led Syngenta to release their fungicide, COGITO®.

“COGITO combines the strengths of two active ingredients, propiconazole and tebuconazole, in one high quality formulation, giving growers an affordable option for protection against all major foliar diseases in wheat, barley and oats,” said Garth.

Garth likens COGITO to an ‘umbrella’, providing full coverage against all major pathogens including Barley Leaf Rust, Yellow Leaf Spot, blotches, Barley Scald and Powdery Mildew. He explained that reliance on propiconazole or tebuconazole alone could leave the disease protection umbrella with a few leaks.

“COGITO is what could be called a ‘super-tebuconazole’, with tebuconazole levels of Stripe Rust control and the added benefit of effectively controlling other key diseases, such as Yellow Leaf Spot.

“If a grower is targeting Stripe Rust in his wheat, he can be confident when using COGITO that if there is any Yellow Leaf Spot present, it too will be equally well controlled.”

In registration trials, COGITO demonstrated it could provide control over key diseases equal to or better than individual actives. The severity of Stripe Rust dropped from 92 per cent (untreated) to 25 per cent with 250mL/ha of COGITO, and the yield more than doubled.

In registration trials, COGITO demonstrated it could reduce the severity of Stripe Rust from 92 per cent (untreated) to 25 per cent at 250mL/ha with more than double the yield.

COGITO can be used at GS30–GS32 as an inoculum management tool, suppressing early disease development. It equally supports flag leaf protection in situations where growers are looking to use a cost effective treatment.

Previously, it was common practice for retailers to carry both tebuconazole and propiconazole based fungicides, however, due to COGITO’s effectiveness against both wheat and barley diseases, retailers benefit from now only needing to stock the one product. In addition, with one of the lowest use rates of any foliar fungicide, COGITO minimises storage volume requirements, making it easier to store, move and use.

COGITO is a prime example of how Syngenta continues to invest in developing new solutions to maximize grower’s effectiveness in managing yield-robbing foliar diseases. COGITO is ready to use and includes a unique adjuvant system to boost efficacy. COGITO provides the convenience of one product for different pathogen risks, making foliar disease protection more cost effective and easier to manage.