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Partnership extension to grow cotton innovation in 2019 and beyond

Syngenta and CSD delivering value to cotton growers through innovations like Vibrance CST.

Syngenta and Cotton Seed Distributors (CSD) are well positioned to help further grow the cotton industry in 2019 and beyond, having extended their FastStart™ partnership in the latter half of last year.

Together, Syngenta and CSD developed the FastStart program to screen novel technologies and support the development of practical tools to help growers improve cotton establishment and drive cotton yield potential. These solutions will also be aimed at challenges that emerge with the expansion of the Australian cotton industry.

“This partnership extension shows unprecedented commitment to addressing the future challenges of the cotton industry, as it continues to grow as an important and profitable option for Australian growers.

“FastStart leverages the strengths of both Syngenta and CSD to deliver growers real value in that all-important crop establishment phase, ensuring the best start towards a crop achieving its yield potential,” said Will Salter, Syngenta Australasia Head of Seedcare.

“Growers will continue to see the benefits of this relationship in the 2019 planting season, with the launch of VIBRANCE® CST, Syngenta’s latest Seedcare™ technology. VIBRANCE CST offers enhanced disease protection, which delivers significant improvements in cotton plant stand.”

FastStart agreement to deliver Seedcare advances like Vibrance CST through Syngenta and CSD partnership.

CSD Managing Director, Peter Graham, recently signed the extended agreement at Syngenta headquarters in Basel, Switzerland, with members of Syngenta’s global leadership team, reflecting the depth of commitment to CSD’s ambitions for growing the Australian cotton industry.

CSD has also signed a further collaboration agreement with Syngenta allowing CSD to test potential new concept products well before they would normally be screened in the Australian market.

“This new agreement clearly demonstrates the level of trust and commitment that exists between CSD and a global leading company like Syngenta, allowing for innovative solutions to be developed together for the benefit of the Australian cotton industry,” said Peter Graham.

“We are extremely proud of the trust Syngenta has in CSD’s ability to grow the Australian cotton industry, at the same time thinking about the future challenges these new environments will create.”

For more information about FastStart and VIBRANCE CST, please visit the FastStart website ( or contact your local CSD or Syngenta representative.