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The Next Generation AXIAL technology is coming!


You might remember AXIAL’s entry into the market back in 2006 – and it truly has stood the test of time as a post-emergent grass selective herbicide. As it has surpassed a decade in the market, we’re excited to announce the next generation of AXIAL technology is on the horizon.

In 2019, Syngenta will launch AXIAL XTRA into the market, the second generation of this herbicide. The new and improved formulation of AXIAL XTRA contains 50g/L Pinoxaden + 12.5g/L Cloquintocet-mexyl + built-in adjuvant system which is a significant step-change in adjuvant science and technology, boosting the product’s uptake in grassy weeds.


Confidence is knowing who you can count on, and you can count on AXIAL XTRA – the next generation herbicide.


  • Controls Wild Oats and Phalaris
  • Suppression of Annual Rye Grass
  • Wide application window - Can be utilised for selective spray topping in Wild Oats
  • Crop Safe on wheat and barley
  • Improved compatibility


To find out more, download the printable PDF Technote below: