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A new selective broadleaf herbicide for wheat and barley


TALINOR® is Syngenta’s new selective broadleaf herbicide for wheat and barley, which recently gained APVMA approval and is now registered for use in 2017.

TALINOR contains the new unique Group H active bicylopyrone as well as Group C active bromoxynil to offer robust and consistent control of a wide range of broadleaf weeds in wheat and barley.

Its key strengths in each state can be seen on the map below.

Solutions Development Manager, Garth Wickson says “the introduction of TALINOR offers advisers and growers alike another option in the group H space, as well as having other advantages such as broader spectrum weed control, wider application window, reduced plant back periods and is also eligible for Syngenta’s AgriClime cash-back program.”

TALINOR is available now in both 20 L and 100 L pack sizes.


View the full set of Technotes on TALINOR below for information on efficacy and compatibility: