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A new blackleg fungicide launching soon


Syngenta has announced MIRAVIS® as the brand name for its new canola blackleg foliar fungicide which is currently under evaluation by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).

APVMA approval of MIRAVIS is expected in early 2018 – in time for use in this year's canola.

MIRAVIS has an SDHI Mode of Action and contains ADEPIDYN™ which due to its unique molecular structure and properties is the first carboxamide belonging to a new chemical group N-methoxy-(penylethyl)-pyrazolecarboxamides within FRAC Group 7 Fungicides.

Syngenta Product Lead for MIRAVIS in canola, Angus Rutherford, said MIRAVIS is expected to significantly benefit Australian canola growers.

“MIRAVIS offers a step change in control versus current industry standards for blackleg in canola,” Angus said.

“Local trials have shown consistent yield improvements of 10 to 15 per cent over Prosaro* and Aviator Xpro*.”

“These are impressive results that will translate to a strong return on investment for growers.”

The average across the complete set of Syngenta trials from 2013-15 showed that both the 300 mL/ha and 450 mL/ha rate of MIRAVIS, when used with Jockey*, outperformed the high rate of Prosaro in terms of blackleg disease control (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Please note, the UTC column is the percentage of canker or disease level. The remaining columns represent disease control as a percentage reduction from the UTC. 

Taking the average across five Syngenta trials in 2015 shows that a 300 mL/ha rate of MIRAVIS, when used with Jockey, outperforms both a high rate of Prosaro and a high rate of Aviator Xpro in terms of yield (Figure 2).

Figure 2. MIRAVIS yield results all trials 2015.

MIRAVIS delivers powerful and dependable performance that you can see when you walk into the crop, according to Angus.

“The more growers see the results in the field, the more they realise just how powerful this chemistry is.”

Syngenta Territory Head – Australasia, Paul Luxton said MIRAVIS is another example of Syngenta bringing innovative new technology to the Australian market to benefit local growers.

“MIRAVIS is a global product that we have locally tried and tested in Australian conditions,” Paul said.

“This focus on local research and development delivers to Australian growers a world-class solution that is locally relevant.”

“This is part of our broader focus of being a research and development leader is Australia to help growers produce crops more efficiently with greater yield outcomes.”