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Need a tool to push the potential of your crop?

MODDUS EVO comparison field shot – applied LHS.
MODDUS EVO comparison field shot – applied LHS.

When applied to actively growing, healthy crops, MODDUS EVO significantly reduces the risk of lodging and barley head loss, increasing yield.

Please note, MODDUS EVO should only be used in healthy, high yield potential crops. It is not suitable for application to stressed crops.


4 key benefits of MODDUS EVO that lead to increased yield:

  1. Minimises stem lodging by increasing lower stem strength and reducing overall plant height
  2. Thickens the base and stem wall of the plant
  3. Improves crop standability
  4. Reduces Barley Head Loss

What do these benefits deliver for growers?

  • Reduces harvesting hassles i.e. picking up lodged crops
  • Increased yields in high potential cereal crops
  • Improved harvest index – minimised lost grain
  • Improved grain quality

Photo Caption: MODDUS EVO minimises stem lodging by increasing lower stem strength by thickening the base and stem wall of the plant.and reducing overall plant height.


NOW registered to aid in the reduction of barley head loss!

Head loss in barley can cause major economic losses and can be a deterrent from growing high yielding malting barley varieties specifically in the coastal grains regions of Western Australia and South Australia.

Traditional management techniques such as swathing have previously been used, but this comes with downfalls including the cost or contracting of a swather, more time on the tractor and the potential for reduced grain quality.

MODDUS EVO offers growers a new solution to manage barley head loss in susceptible varieties.

MODDUS EVO suppresses barley head loss by reducing peduncle length and increasing peduncle thickness. In doing so, this increases the plants ability to resist environ-mental conditions which could result in head loss. Trials have shown a tight correlation between peduncle length and head loss potential.


Download the Technote below for application guidelines and trial data results



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