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Key ingredient for ryegrass free paddocks

farmers smiling in front of field Pete Wilson from Lachlan Fertilizers Rural, Cowra (right) with Syngenta Territory Sales Manager, Emma McClelland in the BOXER GOLD treated paddock of Gregory wheat.
Pete Wilson from Lachlan Fertilizers Rural, Cowra (right) with Syngenta Territory Sales Manager, Emma McClelland in the BOXER GOLD treated paddock of Gregory wheat.

BOXER GOLD® is a key ingredient for an Annual Ryegrass free paddock according to Lachlan Fertilizers Rural Cowra agronomist, Pete Wilson.

In a continuous cropping paddock that had building Annual Ryegrass issues, Pete said that he and the grower have been able fix the problem using BOXER GOLD as part of a broader program.

“BOXER GOLD has been an essential tool to use with our other strategies like crop rotation, stubble burning, double knock, early sowing and cultivation pre sowing.

“The pre-cultivation helped us gain excellent soil contact when spraying and we were able to achieve consistent and reliable control. BOXER GOLD has resulted in lowering our ryegrass competition with the crop.”

The continuous cropping paddock of 25 years was sown early to Gregory wheat at 70kg/ha with MAP at 70kgs/ha and 75kg/ha of N (anhydrous ammonia) applied pre-sowing.

A pre-sowing double knock of glyphosate at 1.5L/ha and GRAMOXONE® 250 at 1.5L/ha were applied seven days apart and BOXER GOLD was applied at 2.5L/ha at the IBS timing with LOGRAN® B-POWER® at 50g/ha.

The crop returned a yield in an average season of 4.5t/ha.

Pete said that the flexibility of BOXER GOLD both for application timing and plant back was a big advantage in a mixed farming area.

“Growers with direct drill and no-till systems with tyned seeders are having good success with the split application of BOXER GOLD at 1.75L/ha IBS and 0.75L/ha PSPE.

“Growers have had ryegrass on the shoulder of the wall and the actual furrow, and the split application has effectively controlled these plants.

“The flexibility of BOXER GOLD over other products regarding plant back is very important in a mixed farming area as well, especially when growing legumes. BOXER GOLD generally has a better fit as you don't have to worry about your crop rotation.”

Syngenta’s BOXER GOLD delivers robust and consistent performance on Annual Ryegrass in a range of soils and environmental conditions. It is also an alternate Mode of Action for herbicide resistance management.

BOXER GOLD is the most flexible pre-emergent herbicide with no plant back restrictions, is suitable for use in wheat, barley and pulses, and has multiple use patterns including IBS and split application (IBS plus PSPE) in cereals and IBS in pulses.

It is now registered for early post-emergent application in wheat and barley to suppress Annual Ryegrass, providing growers with an alternative control option, which is especially important for growers with Group A and Group B resistant Annual Ryegrass.

Early post-emergent (EPE) application of BOXER GOLD can provide useful levels of suppression when applied with good crop and soil moisture conditions. It provides good suppression of surviving plants by reducing panicle numbers and therefore seed-set.

For more information on EPE application of Boxer Gold, download the Tech Note below: