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Keeping wild oats at bay

Cereal grower, Ben Batters in his crop treated with AXIAL for control of Wild Oats.
Cereal grower, Ben Batters in his crop treated with AXIAL for control of Wild Oats.

Fourth generation farmer Ben Batters, like others in the Northern Grampians, uses a strong legume rotation to help control Wild Oats.

Growing a mix of wheat, barley, canola, lentils, vetch hay and oaten hay on his 2500-hectare property, Ben says that while the legumes crops do a good job, keeping on top of Wild Oats requires more.

“Problem Wild Oat paddocks really requires a herbicide in the cereal phase of the rotation, otherwise all the good work put into the legume goes to waste,” he says.

Ben has been using AXIAL® for the past 8 years to help treat the Wild Oats. He says the herbicide gives value for money as it works well and allows for a wide window of application.

“Wild Oats can be tricky because of its long period of germination, and sometimes very late germination. You can’t always see the Wild Oats when you are spraying early, so we like that AXIAL allows us options with timing and control and also has very good crop safety.”

AXIAL can be used on both wheat and barley and is considered the industry standard herbicide in treating Wild Oats, including the ‘fop’-resistant varieties.

Wild Oats are relatively short lived, so treating it with AXIAL in its reproductive seed stage can significantly reduce the appearance of Wild Oats in future crops.

It can also be easily mixed with other broadleaf herbicides without losing efficacy, allowing for growers to combine it for one-pass spraying and control.

“AXIAL always does an excellent job, even on our problem cereal paddocks. It kills large Wild Oats and is really strong,” says Ben.

“If you want a product that does the job properly, AXIAL is a good tool and you can be confident of the result.”

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