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A first look at new herbicides for South Australian Agronomists

tour group in a field

By Jason Sabeeney, Syngenta Solutions Development Manager


Recently, Paul Brown, our local South Australian Territory Sales Manager, and I hosted a field visit for a number of local agronomists to our Product Development trial sites located at Kapunda, Balaklava, Kadina and Moonta.

The trials showcased a number of new products that will be commercially available in 2017, as well as exciting new chemistry set for future release.

On display was Syngenta’s new pre-emergent cereal herbicide for wheat, ARCADE®, Syngenta’s new broadleaf cereal selective herbicide, TALINOR, and two new pre-emergent products for cereals and pulses, including Gramoxone B-Power. A range of industry standards were also showcased to the agronomists.

The objective of the day was to give the opportunity for those who make crop protection decisions a firsthand look at the products performing in the field. It was also a chance to see how it might fit locally; in terms of local weed control, local use patterns and in local growing conditions.

Basically, seeing is believing, and I think we achieved this on the day.

We put on these types of events to provide the required knowledge to these agronomists so that they can build confidence in the product and ensure they have a good understanding of how the product works and where it fits into the program.

The thing to remember with TALINOR is that it has good compatibility, it is safe on crops and provides broad spectrum, robust control on hard-to-kill weeds, such as bifora, fumitory and capeweed.

With ARCADE, it makes a great mixing partner and when used at a rate of 3 L/ha it will provide robust control of Annual Ryegrass in wheat.

All in all, it was a great day out and we thank those that attended for coming along. We are looking forward to bringing this new chemistry and products to the market in 2017 and continue to give you a ‘first look’ through these types of events.



TALINOR is a new post-emergent cereal selective herbicide containing the key active Bicyclopyrone, which delivers robust and broad spectrum control of hard to kill broadleaf weeds.

It contains two unique and important modes of action (Group H and Group C) which offers growers alternate chemistry to rotate other broadleaf herbicides with, providing superior resistance management.

The new chemistry controls hard-to-kill weeds including Group B, C, F, I & M resistant Wild Radish and Indian Hedge Mustard.

TALINOR controls 38 broadleaf weed species including suppression of another two broadleaf weeds including brassicas, volunteer legumes and other broadleaves. Specific weed species can be found in the Tech Note download below.



ARCADE® is a new pre-emergent herbicide from Syngenta containing 800 g/L Prosulfocarb that provides control of Annual Ryegrass in cereals. ARCADE is a Group J (Thiocarbamate) herbicide which offers growers an alternative mode of action for resistance management.

ARCADE provides robust control of Annual Ryegrass when used at 3 L/ha IBS. When it is applied at 2.5 L/ha it provides useful suppression of Annual Ryegrass that can be used as a base for tank mixing to suit conditions and weed spectrum.

More information can be found on the ARCADE product page here.