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Control seed-borne diseases and achieve Rooting Power™

Vibrance is part of Syngenta's Seedcare line of products.

Syngenta has entered 2019 in strong form with its highly trusted seed treatment VIBRANCE®, which controls more cereal diseases than any other product on the market, with demonstrated ROOTING POWER™.

VIBRANCE helps develop stronger root systems and ultimately healthier plants through the control of Flag Smut (both seed and soil borne), Common Bunt, Loose Smut, Covered Smut, Seed borne Net Blotch and Pythium.  It also provides suppression of seed-borne Fusarium head blight caused by Fusarium spp. and white grain.

Thanks to the active ingredient sedaxane there’s all-important suppression of rhizoctonia, for which Syngenta has been the market leader for over 10 years. Competitor products have only recently been able to claim suppression.

The fact VIBRANCE also has superior colour, application ease and dust-off qualities, sees it really flex its muscle as the strongest and most user-friendly formulation on the market.

“VIBRANCE offers the broadest control of cereal diseases available to the market giving growers the strongest start possible for their seed,” said Syngenta Technical Services Lead Sean Roberts.

Syngenta’s Seedcare product range is backed by The Seedcare Institute, which was specifically designed to support quality application services across the industry.

This lab at the Charles Sturt University campus, Wagga Wagga, recently assessed the flow rate of wheat seed (Reliant) treated with VIBRANCE compared to Evergol Energy. After the formulations were applied to the seed at label rates, it was fed through a flow meter, measuring grams of seed across a 400 second window.

Vibrance is part of Syngenta's Seedcare line of products.

“Both VIBRANCE treated seed at 180 and 360mL applied rate had better speed flow rates than Evergol Energy at either 130 or 260mL,” Sean said.

Further lab tests at Charles Sturt University campus have also revealed VIBRANCE to have superior dust off qualities when compared to Evergol Energy.

Under the Heubach Dust-off test the Evergol Energy sample (at minimum label rate 130mL) produced 0.36 grams of dust per 100kg of seed. Meanwhile VIBRANCE at its minimum rate (180mL/100kg) lost just 0.16 grams.

“This analysis has demonstrated that Vibrance is the market leading seed treatment for the reduction of dust off,” Sean said.

“In fact, VIBRANCE produced 50% less dust than Evergol Energy at these commercial label rates.”

“This analysis demonstrates VIBRANCE has better flowability than Evergol Energy with markedly less rub-off.”

Syngenta has tested the flowability of Vibrance versus Evergol Energy at the Seedcare Insitute, Wagga Wagga.

There was much discussion around VIBRANCE when Syngenta officially opened The Seedcare Institute in October. Seed graders were among the 100-plus attendees who joined a tour of the lab facilities – Syngenta being the only company to offer application services.

“Growers want to know that when they invest in Seedcare products like VIBRANCE that this technology is going to perform for them out in the field,” said Sean.

“Through the work of The Seedcare Institute both seed graders and growers can have confidence in the quality of the formula. Unlike some of our competitors VIBRANCE is unlikely to block machinery and growers can rest assured the product is going onto the seed and into the ground, to deliver optimal disease protection.”

Seed Shield, one of the country’s leading seed graders and treatment services, was at the Seedcare Institute launch.

“We’ve found VIBRANCE is still the superior formulation to work with. We’ve applied other premium seed treatments over time but had issues with application that have caused significant equipment downtime. Also, having the Seedcare Institute behind VIBRANCE is providing our business with unrivalled product support and information, which adds huge value and peace of mind,” Seed Shield national operations manager Karen Smith said.

“If you ask our operators what they prefer of the 25 or so products we use, Vibrance is number one when it comes to ease-of-use.

“Over the past six seasons since we first used VIBRANCE, we’ve always come back to VIBRANCE as a product that we can rely on.

“And in terms of mixing a fungicide and pesticide, they say VIBRANCE and CRUISER® 350FS are a match made in heaven.

“Together, they offer very even coverage, smooth seedflow and no blockages – even at very high rates it remains very smooth.”