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Breakthrough canola fungicide ready for widespread seed trial

Syngenta has developed SALTRO® DUO to pythium and stem canker
SALTRO® DUO treated canola seeds left, versus untreated, right, showing the affects of pythium.

Seedling blackleg is a devastating canola disease but there’s a new Seedcare fungicide package being readied for market that’s offering growers real hope.

Large batches of seed have been treated with SALTRO™ DUO and sown at selected trial sites across the country, in recent weeks, to help demonstrate its performance under commercial conditions.

As a recipe SALTRO DUO protects seedlings from pythium, rhizoctonia, and blackleg, which are the key diseases impacting canola establishment. Unchecked, these disease can cause yield losses of 50 percent or more.

Through development work Syngenta trials have already demonstrated a 25 percent yield improvement compared to the market-standard, Jockey.

“There should be many opportunities to see SALTRO DUO this spring in trials, compared to the current standard seed treatments, at the Syngenta Learning Centres and even in a few farmer paddocks,” Syngenta Seedcare Product Lead Michael Uttley said.

SALTRO DUO is a global innovation from Syngenta that contains 3 active ingredients for the broad spectrum control of canola seedling diseases especially blackleg.

Australia has played an important part in the adaptation of this technology in an easy-to-use formula, through The Seedcare Institute, Wagga Wagga.

Syngenta only opened the Wagga Wagga facility in October last year but it has already demonstrated its expertise and value through supporting product launches like SALTRO DUO. 

“Our state-of-the-art facility at the Charles Sturt University AgriPark was instrumental in the development of SALTRO DUO, how it is applied to the seed, and rolled out to the canola industry,” Michael said.

“The SALTRO DUO recipe has already found its way onto commercial batches of seed, through Nuseed and Advanta, ready for large scale demonstrations.”

The Syngenta Seedcare team is hopeful the product will be registered in time for the 2020 canola growing season.

For more information on the SALTRO DUO trials, contact your local Syngenta representative.

SALTRO DUO | At a glance

•             Protecting canola seedlings from blackleg infection reducing stem cankers and maximising yield potential

•             Providing the broadest spectrum of disease control, SALTRO DUO improves seedling vigour giving the crop the best start

•             SALTRO DUO contains a unique SDHI delivering resistant management benefits

•             Has unparalleled seed safety; SALTRO DUO doesn’t affect seed germination and vigour of canola over time

•             A best-in-class seed treatment for the control of blackleg in canola delivering 25% yield improvements compared to Jockey