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BOXER GOLD – there for you when the rain is not

Grower, Kevin Davies, and his adviser, David Stead, in his barley paddock treated with Boxer Gold.
Grower, Kevin Davies, and his adviser, David Stead, in his barley paddock treated with Boxer Gold.

Capitalise on the new 30% price reduction on BOXER GOLD® and get that consistent Annual Ryegrass control at an even better price this season.

BOXER GOLD is Syngenta’s pre-emergent weed control option for wheat and barley and will now be 30% cheaper as of the January 1, 2018. The formula, developed under tough Australian conditions for control of Annual Ryegrass will now provide growers with the same superior control at an even better price.

Over the past 15 years, Syngenta has actively worked on the BOXER GOLD formula, with trial results consistently demonstrating that BOXER GOLD outperforms solo prosulfocarb for the control of ryegrasses. The success being due to the unique formulation combination of prosulfocarb with S-metolachlor.

In trials comparing BOXER GOLD with solo prosulfocarb products over a range of seasons and environmental conditions in a pre-emergent use pattern, the results highlight the value of the BOXER GOLD formulation.

BOXER GOLD consistently reduced panicle numbers and, subsequently, viable ryegrass seed returning to the seed bank more than solo prosulforcarb. In addition, when there was limited moisture/rainfall received after application, the gap in performance increased.

As of January 1, 2018, BOXER GOLD will be repositioned to provide even more value to the Australian grower, to approximately $28 per hectare, providing excellent value to wheat growers in low to mid rainfall zones. BOXER GOLD has consistently shown robust control of hard to control Annual Ryegrass in less than ideal moisture planting conditions.

The new reduced price point of BOXER GOLD provides increased access for growers to Syngenta’s technology and will provide a better return on investment.

Kevin Davies, a mixed enterprise farmer from York, Western Australia is a fan of BOXER GOLD after using it as a post emergent herbicide to boost weed control. Insufficient rainfall for the pre-emergent herbicide application to be effective last season led Kevin to look for a post-emergent herbicide to boost weed control. Following advice from his agronomist, Kevin applied BOXER GOLD as an early post-emergent herbicide to control weed levels.

“Another reason why we decided to use BOXER GOLD was due to our seeding conditions. They were marginal since there wasn’t enough moisture in the soil and there were other factors out of our control in play,” Kevin said.

BOXER GOLD is compatible with a range of broadleaf herbicide options.

“I was really happy with the spray we did after waiting for wet conditions because it lead to a really good result. I didn’t find any issue when tank mixing BOXER GOLD with other products and in terms of compatibility – it was excellent.”

“It will definitely be part of our set-up next year.” Kevin stated.

So this season, get smart and capitalise on the new 30% price reduction on BOXER GOLD and get that consistent Annual Ryegrass control at an even better price.