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Boxer Gold technical cheat sheets

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As a global R&D company that focuses heavily on solutions and development, we are always looking to provide you with the latest technical knowledge that you need to get the best out of our products.

This month, heading into sowing, our focus is on BOXER GOLD® and providing some relevant technical cheat sheets (tech notes) for your use.  Check them out below:

BOXER GOLD and Disc Seeding
This tech note aims to provide some tips on how best to maximise efficacy, while also minimising the risk of crop injury when using BOXER GOLD® in disc seeding systems.



BOXER GOLD and Dry Sowing
This tech note covers points to consider when using BOXER GOLD in dry sowing situations.



BOXER GOLD in Heavy Stubble
Like all pre-emergent herbicides BOXER GOLD® works best when applied directly to the soil surface. Most growers, however, prefer to maintain stubble cover for a range of reasons including moisture conservation. It is therefore important to understand the impact of stubble on the performance of BOXER GOLD.