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Big uptake for 2018 AgriClime™ program due to dry

AgriClime - Roger Bolte

With over $500,000 paid out to Australian growers in the past two years, AgriClime™ is quickly becoming a valuable risk management tool for low rainfall.

And in a season like the east coast of Australia is currently experiencing, uptake of the program was high.

“Growers have said that in a year like this, AgriClime™ gives them confidence to invest in their crop protection program,” said Angus Rutherford, AgriClime™ Program Manager.

“If the season makes a turn for the better, they will get the physical benefit of those products, if it stays dry, a portion of the financial risk is offset by the 15% cash-back.

“That is what we want to achieve – grower confidence to invest in their best crop protection program.”

Information on cash-back for 2018 will become available from October. If you are a registered grower, keep an eye on your email!

While the 2018 offer period has now closed, the 2019 offer will open 1st October 2018.

All purchases made from October 2018 until the end of September 2019 will be eligible for the 2019 program.

“There is a 12 month period where qualifying product purchases are eligible, so it is important to consider the risk management benefit of AgriClime™ when paddock planning post-harvest or early next year.

“We are also looking at ways to optimise the offer based on feedback that we have received from growers and advisors nationally, so stay tuned for some potential extra benefits.”

AgriClime™ will remain free to register in 2019.

Want to know more?

Visit our FAQ’s page to find out about the available offer periods, how the program works, the rainfall threshold and much more