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Berrigan growers getting yields from new in-furrow fungicide


Berrigan grower, Brian Demeo, enjoyed a better than usual 2016 season, partly because, he says, he used UNIFORM® to manage crop disease. UNIFORM® is a new in-furrow fungicide that provides the only control of Rhizoctonia in Australian wheat and barley crops.

Brian grows wheat, barley and canola on his 1600-hectare crop-only property where he says Stripe Rust, Yellow Leaf Spot and Root disease is an annual problem.

“It a particular problem on the wheat-on-wheat paddocks,” he says.

“The damage gets done early, so it comes out of the ground yellow,” he says. “We thought we’d give UNIFORM a try, so last year we applied it to around 250 hectares of our wheat-on-wheat paddocks.”

Brian said it was a good season, and would have been even better had heavy September rains not washed out some areas.

“We were happy all up, it was an above average season. We got between 3.5 to 4 tonne per hectare, which is pretty good for us. I definitely think the UNIFORM helped.

“Even though we had a bad season for Yellow Spot, the UNIFORM performed really well on the wheat-on-wheat paddocks.”

UNIFORM, an in-furrow fungicide from Syngenta, is the industry leader for the control of Rhizoctonia, Pythium Root Rot, Stripe Rust and Barley Leaf Rust in Australian wheat and barley crops.

It also effectively suppresses Yellow Leaf Spot in wheat and Net Form Net Blotch, Spot Form Net Blotch and Powdery Mildew in barley.

It provides growers flexibility in treatment as UNIFORM can be coated on fertiliser in-furrow, by liquid injection in-furrow below the seed or as a split application below and above the seed.

Brian said he chose to apply UNIFORM coated on his fertiliser to his wheat-on-wheat crops at seeding to minimise any early damage to crops from Yellow Leaf Spot or root disease.

“It wasn’t too tricky to apply. It did get a bit sticky, so I didn’t want to put it straight into the silo,” he said.

“So we put it into the tipper and left it for a day to dry out and then put it into the seeder.”

“From there it went straight into the ground.”

Moving into this year’s season, Brian is extending his use of UNIFORM to cover both his wheat-on-wheat paddocks, but also his wheat-on-barley to cover rot disease.

“It worked last year, so I will use it again.”


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