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AXIAL cheat sheet selective spray topping for Wild Oats

oat heads

With the later crop timing registration of AXIAL® for the Selective Spray Topping of Wild Oats in wheat and barley, growers now have the ability to manage Wild Oat seed numbers and viability later in the season.

AXIAL can now be applied in wheat and barley crops at 200 mL/ha for SST of Wild Oats from stem elongation (GS30) to flag leaf sheath opening (GS47) of Wild Oats. This gives AXIAL one of the widest application windows of any product for Wild Oats control in cereals. Note: this application must be made no later than first awns visible (GS49) of the crop.

As always, we want you to have all of the important technical information you need to get the best out of our products; available to download this month is the AXIAL technical cheat sheet – Wild Oats Selective Spray Topping here:


Also available to download is the AXIAL compatibility chart here:


Need to know something that isn’t in there? Please call the Syngenta Technical Product Advice Line on 1800 067 108.