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AgriClime™ cash-back risk management for a dry spell

Stuart Davidson, “Calga” Property Manager, says AgriClime is a no-brainer.
Stuart Davidson, “Calga” Property Manager, says AgriClime is a no-brainer.

2017 was one of the driest winter cropping seasons in recent history according to Coonamble farmer, Stuart Davidson.

“This year we recorded our lowest annual rainfall in 16 years,” said Stuart, who manages the property “Calga” via Coonamble.

“Our yearly average is 525mm, however in the past 12 months we only received 50mm.

“Low rainfall this year has meant that we only planted approximately 15 per cent of our usual cropping program, and what we did harvest, the yield was very poor.”

To help manage the risk of his variable rainfall, Stuart registered his eligible Syngenta crop protection products in AgriClime™ and received 15 per cent back on his investment.

AgriClime is a Syngenta program to help share with broadacre growers the risk of low rainfall during August to October. Growers register to receive a possible 15 per cent cash-back on eligible Syngenta products if they do not reach a rainfall level for their selected offer period, either August to September or September to October.

“We’ve registered our eligible Syngenta products in AgriClime for the past three years and this year we received a cash-back as we did not reach the rainfall for our registered offer period of August to September.

“Calga” was one of 33 properties to receive a cash-back as part of this year’s AgriClime program with over $200,000 paid out as cash-back to grain growers across New South Wales.

“It really is a no-brainer as it is free to register and we get the opportunity to collect some of our money back in a dry year.” 

“We will use the cash-back towards assisting with operational costs for our 2018 cropping program.”

AgriClime will open for next season in February and registration is free of charge when growers meet the eligibility criteria.


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