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AgriClime opens for 2017 Season

AgriClime 15 percent Cash-Back Offer banner

As AgriClime 2016 wraps up with a number of growers receiving pay-outs this month due to low rainfall during the season, we are now getting ready to launch AgriClime for the 2017 Season.

AgriClime has been helping grain growers shoulder the risk of low rainfall periods since 2014.

Eligible grain growers receive a 15% cash-back on their investment in Syngenta technology if rainfall does not meet a threshold level over an elected period during the season.

Since launching in 2014, over 400,000 hectares has been registered under AgriClime.

Registering for AgriClime is free of charge; however grain growers must meet eligibility requirements. To be eligible, growers must spend at least $50 per hectare (inc GST) on select Syngenta products across a minimum of 300 hectares.

To find out if you are eligible visit 


Watch this short video to understand AgriClime