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AgriClime cash-back offer now open for sign-up

Hear what other growers and agronomists have to say about AgriClime banner

Syngenta's AgriClime cash-back offer is now open for growers to see their potential cash-back and sign up online.

AgriClime helps shoulder the risk of a dry spring with growers .

Growers who are eligible for AgriClime receive 15% of their investment in Syngenta technology as cash-back if rainfall does not meet a threshold level over the elected offer period during the season.

AgriClime enrolment is free of charge. To be eligible, growers must spend at least $50/ha on at least two selected Syngenta products across a minimum of 300 hectares.

Growers can select an offer period - either August/September or September/October. Simply enrol your hectares and Syngenta products, and we'll caculate the potential cash-back.

Rainfall thresholds will then be sent to enrolled growers and they will have the option to "opt out". 

At the end of the offer period, if rainfall is below the threshold, a notification will be sent with cash-back details. 

Hear what other growers and agronomists have to say about AgliClime

George Hamilton - cereal grower from Mudgee, NSW

Scott Leighton - State Agronomy Manager at Roberts, TAS

Batters Family - cereal growers from Sutherland, VIC


Sign up closes 30 June for August/September and 31 July for September/October. Please refer to the offer’s full terms and conditions.