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Advanta Seeds prefers Maxim® XL on all Pacific Seeds Hyola® hybrids

MAXIM® XL promotes early crop vigor in canola.

Treating canola seed with MAXIM® XL has time and again been shown to increase seedling establishment while delivering stronger root development, early crop vigour and rapid, uniform emergence. And that means more yield, just ask the people who know.

With its broad spectrum seedling disease control MAXIM XL remains the fungicide treatment of choice for many in the industry, including Advanta Seeds, when it comes to seed safety and crop establishment.

With no shortening of the hypocotyl, no negative interaction with herbicides and no effect on seed viability, MAXIM XL not only takes care of the soil-borne diseases, it also takes care of the young seedling. Its Blackleg supression should't be overlooked in this regard. 

Advanta Seeds is one of the leaders in canola hybrid development and commercial seed sales in Australia under the Hyola®, Pacific Seeds brand. Justin Kudnig, the national canola business manager for Advanta Seeds said MAXIM XL was their go-to fungicide seed treatment for Hyola varieties.

“As such, we investigate and research in ongoing field trials and with intensive laboratory studies, the efficacy, activity and value for growers before committing any seed treatment for application on our premium Hyola hybrid canola seed products,” he said.

“For over four years Syngenta's MAXIM XL fungicide has provided excellent results for both seed safety, in-field commercial crop activity against Pythium and Rhizoctonia, and as a combined seed treatment product partner for the industry popular Syngenta CRUISER® OPTI insecticide product.”

MAXIM XL and CRUISER OPTI make for a high compatible pairing that together offer growers one-stop-protection against common Canola pests and diseases. CRUISER OPTI offers control of Aphids, and suppression of Red Legged Earthmite (RLEM) and Lucerne Flea during the critical crop establishment phase.

When combined these seed treatments help crops achieve their full genetic potential.

With the Advanta Pacific Seeds field days now underway Justin said he was eager see what was in the Syngenta pipeline, with the potential to share the benefits with growers in the coming months and even years.

“The Pacific Seeds brand of Hyola hybrid canola is well known for delivering the latest technology in plant genetics, herbicide tolerance and varietal performance along with leading seed enhancements,” he said.

“As new seed treatments are developed by Syngenta, Advanta Seeds will evaluate these as complementary products, or even replacements for existing treatments, to be applied to our Hyola portfolio, as we are firmly committed to adding extra value where possible with the overall Hyola seed package on offer to Australian canola growers.

“Whilst working closely with seed treatment partners like Syngenta, we aim to provide growers with increased value and risk mitigation with key seed enhancement products, when growers are purchasing premium, high quality hybrid canola planting seed.”

Choose MAXIM XL seed treatment and give your canola the best chance of survival and the maximum potential for a better yield.