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Why I rotate to Boxer Gold

man in front of a field
Barry Haskin from Ag Grow Agronomy and Research in Griffith, NSW.

Barry Haskins has been putting BOXER GOLD® through its paces for 10 years, and he continues to recommend it because it continues to deliver.

Barry owns and runs a consulting agronomy and research business called Ag Grow Agronomy and Research in Griffith, New South Wales. He offers research-based recommendations to clients covering an area of over 200,000 hectares across the Riverina region.

“I’ve been working with BOXER GOLD since 2005, before it came to market, and our research has consistently shown solid results,” Barry says.

Annual Ryegrass is a leading issue for growers in the Riverina region.

“Ryegrass can mean the difference between harvesting a crop, or not. The stakes are high for these growers so they need to get weed control right.

“BOXER GOLD is most suited to growers who want the next level of Ryegrass control above more conventional herbicides like Trifluralin,” he says.

Barry’s research has shown early post-emergence application of BOXER GOLD as the most effective method to control the weed, especially when used following an application of Trifluralin at sowing.

“If you get to the Ryegrass very early on, before it gets one or two leaves, it works well.

“One of the advantages of using BOXER GOLD is that unlike most other pre-emergent herbicides, it has knockdown properties. At the moment, we’re finding more Ryegrass that is resistant to glyphosate, so we’re using BOXER GOLD in conjunction with GRAMOXONE® to deliver a robust knockdown prior to sowing.”

“Alternatively, using BOXER GOLD as an early post-emergent application strategy allows paddocks to be patched out, where we are only spending money in the paddock where any problem areas are likely to arise,” he says.

Barry says BOXER GOLD makes good business for his clients, who commonly see two-to-three times return on investment.

“Unlike some other products, BOXER GOLD excels in a tight rotation regime on a wide range of soil types. In an economy where productivity and profitability is key, having a product that you can use without impacting on your cropping rotation is highly beneficial,” Barry says.