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There’s nothing more important to agriculture or rural communities than people and their stories.

The Growth Awards enables Syngenta to tell the stories of farmers, agronomists and agricultural innovators, so that we can all be a little inspired and start to build a better world for tomorrow.

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Growers face a tough challenge: sustainably growing food and fibre for a growing global population. That’s why in 2013, Syngenta launched the Good Growth Plan - to make a lasting positive impact on the farmers and rural communities who provide the world’s food security and long-term sustainability of our planet. Today, Syngenta remains committed to driving positive change in agriculture and embedding sustainability across all aspects of our business. The Growth Awards recognise and reward innovation, best practice and leadership in Australian and New Zealand agribusiness. 

“We’ve been working on our farm’s sustainability model for 20 years, and the Growth Awards provides recognition that our work is making a different to the environment, and the hard work does get noticed by the public.”  David Birkett, Grower from Leeston NZ (2015 winner Sustainability category)

“The Syngenta Growth Awards Study Tour was a massive week and I had the opportunity to meet amazing people, share ideas and gain new understandings.” – Tony Lockrey, Agronomist from Moree NSW (2018 winner Community & People category)

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Growth Awards 2015 Winners and Finalists

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