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La Trobe barley

A malt accredited export barley

Highest yielding, short season malting barley variety in Australia with malting characteristics well-suited to export brewing industries.


  • An accredited malt variety
  • Exceptionally high yielding, early maturing, export malting barley
  • Good straw strength and lodging resistance, providing improved harvest efficiency
  • Short rachilla hair length, reducing itchiness


La Trobe possesses malting characteristics potentially well-suited to export brewing industries with its malt quality comparable to the international benchmark Baudin.

La Trobe has excellent physical grain characteristics. It has a good grain size, surpassing both Baudin and Buloke and exhibits good grain plumpness, similar to Hindmarsh.

La Trobe also possesses good straw strength and head retention in comparison to Buloke.  This, combined with its high level of pre-harvest sprouting tolerance, will prove a definite advantage in seasons where there is above average harvest rainfall.


La Trode barley