Desiccation and Post Harvest

Syngenta offers Australian potato growers a range of solutions to aid in the desiccation of potato vines and provide protection against pests and diseases post-harvest.

The need for crop protection doesn’t end at harvest time. A 2011 UN Food & Agriculture Organisation report estimated that in most regions of the world about 40 percent of the root and tuber crop harvest is lost between field and consumer.

Potatoes are a relatively robust crop, but their journey from ground to market involves lots of mechanical handling, often over many months: transport, storage, washing and bagging. Every time a potato is moved, there’s a risk of bruising or skinning that could create an entry point for fungi or bacteria. These can then start a rot that spreads rapidly from one potato to another.

Desiccation of potato vines prevents late blight fungus on the vines from infecting the tubers, thus removing a potent cause of rot and waste in storage.

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Maxim 100FS

Seed treatment that controls seed-borne diseases; Black Dot, Fusarium Dry Rot, Black Scurf & Silver Scurf.

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Fast acting & reliable desiccate to prepare crop for harvest.

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Broad spectrum seed treatment for potatoes in storage, providing excellent residual protection for a range of diseases.

Vibrance Premium

Vibrance Premium

Suppression of Common scab (Streptomyces scabies) in Potatoes in storage and at planting

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Crop Establishment

Utilise Syngenta’s market leading combination of seed treatment and in-furrow fungicides to deliver the most comprehensive control of seed and soil borne fungal diseases.

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Disease Management

Syngenta provides growers with a number of effective solutions to help manage diseases in-furrow and during storage. Between Amistar and Ridomil Gold, Syngenta has got your crop covered when it comes to disease protection.

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Weed Control in potatoes

The benefits of effective weed control in potato crops are many, including better use of available nutrients by the crop, resulting in increased yields and profits. It is important to remember that the adoption and implementation of effective, long term, weed control strategies that have an integrated and planned approach and do not rely solely on the use of herbicides to control weeds will give the best crop results.


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