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Potatoes in bowl

Choose the complete package, Syngenta's Potato Portfolio.

Australia’s total potato production reaches up to 1.25 million tonnes per annum and is valued at around $480 million. Whether growing for packing, processing, or seed, Syngenta has a comprehensive portfolio of products to protect potato yield and quality.

Potato crops are susceptible to a variety of pests (weeds, insects and diseases) that can have a significant impact on both crop yields and quality. To prevent and minimise losses, intervention is necessary. To correctly and efficiently tackle these destructive pests, growers should be equipped with the latest knowledge and techniques about farming systems. By using state of the art practices such as integrated crop production, growers have been able to successfully grow potatoes continuously while at the same time maintaining a healthy local ecosystem.

Potato growers are increasingly aware of the importance of good crop hygiene and rotation programs in maintaining profitability in intensive farming situations, particularly as some pathogens can live beyond normal rotation intervals (in some cases up to eight years). Early intervention is paramount, before pests have an opportunity to invade the crop. Such an approach allows greater opportunity for growers to increase crop yields and maximise their returns on crop investment.

Explore Syngenta's comprehensive portfolio of potato crop protection products.