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The most effective, versatile desiccant available; powerful; fast acting and reliable

REGLONE® not only provides an efficient and reliable means of preparing a crop for harvest in potatoes, but desiccation with REGLONE will also contribute to good tuber uniformity, skin set and storage.

REGLONE acts rapidly on the green parts of all plants and is locally systemic.  For best results, an even and complete coverage with good penetration of the spray into the target foliage is necessary. Applications made in dull weather or at the end of the day will help to maximise the performance of REGLONE resulting in the green parts of most plant crops and weeds being completely desiccated within a few days of spraying.


• Fast, reliable desiccation making harvest easy
• Enables growers to control tuber size/aids tuber skin set
• Maintains crop quality during storage
• Reduces the late season transmission of diseases
• Rainfast in minutes giving application flexibility
• Proven record of successful use
• Optimise product efficacy, crop output and quality by using the SMART TEST
• Follow best practice guidelines and split the REGLONE application, providing rapid defoliation of the tops followed by target desiccation of the stem