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Vegetable grower to join study tour abroad

man standing next to plant
Vegetable grower, Tommy Le, won a spot on the Growth Awards 2017 study tour abroad.

Tommy Le is a vegetable grower, small business owner and agronomist with EE Muir and Sons in Southern Queensland. His passion for helping local Vietnamese farmers earned him success in the 2016 Syngenta Growth Awards as a winner in the Community & People category (read more about the awards here).

As a child, Tommy and his family fled Vietnam by boat. After spending two years in a refugee camp in Thailand, they migrated to Australia in 1987. Once here, Tommy’s parents began an agricultural career to support their family and he saw how hard they worked to support their family. It was this experience that has driven Tommy’s desire to help other families who have immigrated to Australia.

His career in horticulture kicked off by growing tomatoes in South Australia, before moving to Brisbane in 2003 where he and his wife Lilly began growing continental cucumbers. The following year they started LT Fresh, a greenhouse supplies and service business importing and retailing materials and equipment to service the growing covered crop market.

Through his own company, LT Fresh, Tommy works to provide the materials and equipment his customers need to start their own greenhouse operation. He helps them procure everything from building materials and irrigation systems, to soil, seeds and chemicals. As an agronomist with EE Muir & Sons, Tommy also provides agronomic advice to the growers to help them achieve sustainable returns in their operations.

Tommy champions the Vietnamese farming community at a commercial level too, working to put products grown in the Vietnamese community on supermarket shelves.


As a winner of the 2016 Growth Awards, Tommy will travel to the UK and Europe with his fellow winners as part of a study tour visiting R&D sites and attending the Cereals Event in June 2017.