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Javelin performs swimmingly in wet conditions for local grower


For Andrew Martens, co-owner of Marto Farms, a year’s average rainfall falling on his watermelon crop in only two months was not what he expected during harvest this season.

Unfortunately, for the Bundaberg vegetable grower, this is exactly what happened in the latter half of 2017.

“Some watermelon varieties really don’t cope well with such extreme rainfall.”

“That’s why, we were extremely happy that we decided to grow Javelin again this year.”

Javelin is Syngenta’s latest Watermelon introduction bred specifically for Australian growers and markets, featuring a shorter maturity than some traditional varieties.

“Because the variety has a faster maturity rate than others it allowed us to harvest a little earlier – which ended up making all the difference.”

“We were able to get the whole crop off, despite the challenging conditions.”

“We find the internal quality better than older varieties, too, so even with the weather we were still picking really good fruit.”

Andrew is no first-time grower, and he and his family are known as leaders in the watermelon space, having been involved with trialing new seedless varieties since their introduction into the Australian market almost twenty years ago

“Eight years ago I travelled to the US to preview early trials of Javelin. I was so impressed with the variety I came home and trialed it locally on our farms.”

“I’ve been growing the variety ever since.”

“What attracted me to the variety was its new, superior genetics. It really has set a new benchmark for seedless watermelon.”

Javelin features a crisp, sweet, deep red flesh with small pips, which Andrew says is what the market is after.

“Performance wise – it’s the best.”