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It’s what’s inside that counts

half a watermelon

In 2013, Syngenta Australia launched a number of new seedless watermelon varieties into the Australian market, including WAHOO, JAVELIN and RAIDER.

These introductions were the result of breeding watermelons to fit the specific needs of the Australian market, such as marketable yield and a heavy focus on internal qualities, like colour, firmness and flavour – qualities that have set a new benchmark in the local market.

Over the past three years these key characteristics have caught the attention of growers, wholesale agent and retailers alike, and each of the three varieties have seen a heavy uptake from growers in the far north and right through central and southern growing regions.

Such popularity and demand for these Syngenta varieties has created unforeseen and unique seed production challenges, which has unfortunately left us struggling to consistently meet the rapidly growing demand for the varieties.

Our commitment to these varieties stands strong, however, we acknowledge the challenges surrounding production, as well as our position as a leading supplier and the necessity to provide growers and the wider market with strong alternative varieties.

Hence, we introduce the most popular alternative seedless watermelon varieties made available to you from North America – FASCINATION and EXCLAMATION.

North America is the largest market for seedless watermelon and Syngenta holds the clear number one supplier status of seedless watermelon varieties in the market

Varieties FACINATION and EXCLAMATION, which were launched slightly ahead of WAHOO and JAVELIN, are the two leading varieties in the US market. Both of these varieties share similar qualities, favourable to the needs and tastes of growers and consumers alike, to the varieties grown here in Australia, including:

  • Out-standing internal and eating qualities
  • Rich red flesh
  • Firm, crisp flesh with a very low incidence of internal cracking
  • High sugars and excellent flavour.
  • Excellent seedling vigour, plant establishment and crop vigour
  • Prolific extended flowering
  • Consistent, high marketable yields
  • Marketing-leading resistance package

Demand for the varieties in the North American market has led to widespread adoption and an annual combined crop of more than 70 million seeds planted, or around 18 000 Ha – 4x the entire Australian market.

The popularity of FASCINATION and EXCLAMATION has endorsed the high quality of these varieties, and the downstream demand from wholesale agents, retailers and consumers, who focus intently on the internal and eating quality of these varieties.

The focus on the internal and eating quality is what has driven the success of varieties here, and opens a fantastic opportunity to further explore FASCINATION and EXCLAMATION.

FASCINATION and EXCLAMATION make great alternatives in this short supply market.

Their demand also provides a scale of seed production that builds integrity around supply, ensuring better, consistent access to high quality seed for Australian growers.

They also represent a larger portfolio of varieties that have just recently been commercially developed in the US and continue to evolve and outperform the market.

Both FASCINATION and EXCLAMATION have been trialed and grown commercially over the past three years, and have provided strong consistent results in most growing regions.

Already, as the local market is challenged on supply of traditional varieties, not only from Syngenta but a number of other suppliers, we have seen a quick uptake of the varieties, and support for the high quality fruit they produce right through the value chain.

FASCINATION and EXCLAMATION make great alternatives in this short supply market.


FASCINATION and EXCLAMATION are both available for trial or purchase this season and are supported by Syngenta’s Sales, Marketing and R&D teams.