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Foliar fungicide finds fit for potato farmer | VIDEO

MIRAVIS® is delivering length of control over blackspot for potato growers.
Lachlan Hauser adopted MIRAVIS® into his foliar fungicide program in 2018 with telling results.

Managing Target spot (Alternaria solani) pressure can be a challenge, requiring a powerful fungicide.

“We first started using MIRAVIS® in 2018,” Lockyer Valley grower Lachlan Hauser said.

“Toward the backend of the season when we did have some target spot pressure, we really noticed the benefits where we did one strip half with MIRAVIS and one without.”

MIRAVIS, released last year, offers growers rainfast protection against target spot for up to 21 days.

The ideal timing for MIRAVIS is just prior to row closure so that it can penetrate the lower canopy where it will act on the first signs of target spot, with longevity of control.

Follow-up applications will depend on the total number of fungicide applications made through the season.

“One of the benefits we’ve seen with MIRAVIS, and we really saw it on the Hauser property, is the ability to keep disease out of the crop for longer when applying it at row closure, to reduce the overall disease load in the crop” Syngenta Technical Services Lead Scott Mathew said.

“Another good time to use MIRAVIS is late in the crops growing cycle, where it has been shown to extend the growing season by reducing the disease infection and keeping the foliage greener for longer. This allows the crop to reach their marketable size, and helps to achieve tuber uniformity and the quality specifications that the crisping companies want.”

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