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BOXER GOLD® - Getting it right early



Weed management may seem like a simple process but getting it wrong can be costly. Every 10% increase in weed biomass can cause a 12% reduction in yield.

Applying a broad-spectrum knockdown herbicide prior to planting will reduce weed pressure and the seed bank, especially if applied when weeds are young. There’s a plethora of knockdown herbicides, such as SPRAY.SEED® and GRAMOXONE® that will do the job once weeds have emerged. 

However, once your potato crop is planted, weed control options are more limited. A pre-emergent application of BOXER GOLD® will target germinating weeds while being safe to the crop when used according to the label, thanks to the optimised combination of 800g/L of prosulfocarb and 120g/L of S-metolachlor. The label allows for applications directly to the soil post-planting, but no later than 25% potato shoot-emergence. 

This makes BOXER GOLD® an effective solution for selective pre-emergent control of grass and key broadleaf weeds in potato crops. This includes weeds such as annual ryegrass, fat hen, nightshade, fumitory, amaranth and summer grass.
Once applied to the soil, BOXER GOLD® is absorbed by the mesocotyl and roots of weed seedlings, preventing germination and stopping seedling development before emergence.


BOXER GOLD® applied soon after planting (left) effectively controls weeds and improves crop vigour compared to untreated weed competition (right).

Moisture is required to aid the movement of BOXER GOLD® through the soil and to maximise the control of germinating weeds. Sufficient soil moisture during weed emergence is the single most important climatic factor influencing pre-emergent herbicide performance. For best results, enough irrigation or rainfall is required to incorporate  BOXER GOLD® to a depth of 3 to 5 cm and should occur within 7 days of application.

Although BOXER GOLD® can be applied up to 25% potato shoot emergence, it is best to apply it as soon after planting as you can and prior to weed germination (if possible). If weeds are present at the time of application, BOXER GOLD® can be tank mixed with SPRAY.SEED® for knockdown of emerged as well as emerging weeds.


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