Syngenta and Cotton Seed Distributors partnership to bring innovative cotton establishment program to Australia

  • Global Fast Start Performance™ program will now be introduced in Australia through new alliance of technology leaders in cotton industry.
  • Program combines solutions to help cotton growers deal with challenges and risks associated with seedling establishment.

A new partnership between Syngenta and Cotton Seed Distributors (CSD) will bring a global cotton establishment program to Australia. The Fast Start Performance program helps crops withstand challenges specific to the early stages of growth.

“Syngenta is a leading provider of seed treatment and crop protection in Australia – 100% of seeds sold are treated with one or more of Syngenta proven fungicide or insecticide brands,” said Paul Luxton, Territory Head of Syngenta Australia and New Zealand. “CSD are leaders in cotton germplasm and seed technology, so this new partnership will give us the opportunity to adapt the Fast Start Performance solution and address the most relevant challenges facing Australian cotton growers.”

The program hopes to drive yield, quality and grower profitability by bringing together technologies and targeting the most important issues for seedling establishment, such as tolerance to heat and drought, early season weed and pest control, and seedling vigour.

“The ultimate aim of this collaboration is to help Australian growers establish cotton more quickly, resulting in improved yield and profitability and reducing the possibility of having to replant,” said CSD Managing Director Peter Graham.

“Through the Fast Start Performance program we hope to improve overall yield potential across the industry by better protecting germinating seeds as well as young cotton from the many factors that affect crop establishment.”

Growers in the expanding southern regions, for example, will be able to select technologies to help them cope with the unique challenges of cooler temperatures limiting plant development.

The program kicks off next month, when Andree-Anne Couillard, the Global Head of Cotton Marketing for Syngenta will be involved in a workshop to determine timelines and initial trial work to be undertaken under this collaboration. It is hoped that trial crops will be in the ground this season. The trials will identify the value of existing technologies, and can be used as a benchmark for further development of the program.

Peter said he is excited to formalise this collaboration with an organisation like Syngenta, with such a strong research and development (R&D) focus.

“CSD has had a productive working relationship with Syngenta for many years, but this partnership allows us to both invest in long-term R&D that will benefit the Australian cotton industry.”


For more information, contact Laura Carr, Sefton & Associates, 02 6766 5222. 

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