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Vibrance® Premium the perfect partner for integrated disease management

Vibrance Premium® from Syngenta offers superior control over those key diseases the potato industry faces.

Sourcing quality seed is an important first step toward achieving potato yield but if left unprotected diseases can quickly undo a lot of hard work.

An integrated approach to disease management, which includes the use of a quality fungicide seed treatment, is by far the best means of risk management.

Vibrance® Premium, another innovation supported by the Syngenta Potato Partners program, is a new liquid formulation that combines two modes of action and brings a new active ingredient to the market.

“The move to a liquid formulation overcomes a major challenge of traditional treatments, being how to effectively and efficiently apply them to potato seed,” said Syngenta Senior Product Lead for Potatoes and Vegetables, Richard Packard.

“Vibrance Premium offers excellent adhesion to the seed tuber and good all-round disease coverage, all of which help towards better quality yields.

Vibrance® and Amistar® delivering better potato yields.

Syngenta has also collaborated to develop the Vibrance Premium applicator, which delivers a fine droplet and even coverage, limiting over or under dosage, waste and treated seed handling issues.

Vibrance Premium can be applied either before storage or just prior to planting for the control of key disease including Black Dot, Black Scurf, Silvers Scurf, Fusarium and Gangrene, and offers suppression of Common Scab.

 “Other seed treatment products generally only target a single disease, that being Rhizoctonia (Black Scurf), while Vibrance Premium offers activity against the broadest spectrum of seed borne diseases, all of which have the potential to impact seed in storage or during the establishment of the potato crop,” said Richard.

The value of an integrated approach to disease management was a hot topic at the recent 2018 AUSPiCA conference. Richard spoke to guests about how to overcome some common growing season challenges.

 “Seed treatments such as Vibrance Premium offer a range of benefits as part of an integrated approach to disease management,” he said.

“The dual mode of action also enables farmers to take steps against disease resistance.”

Vibrance Premium when used in an integrated disease management program with Amistar 250SC applied in-furrow offers you the most effective control of both seed and soil borne diseases in potato crops whilst also offering a sound resistance management strategy.

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